Kaixin Fine Chemical £ºIntroduction

     Huaian Kaixin Fine Chemical Co.ltd Locates in Huaian City of Jiangsu province, China, where is the hometown of Mr. Zhou Enlai, chinese century great man.Huaian is a land of fish and rice, with favorable climate. The famous Jinghang Grand Canal flows through huaian city. Huai'an has a well-developed and convenient transportation network. So far, many expressways and railways linking north and south of China join here. They include the expressways of Ninglian from Nanjing to Lianyungang, Ningxu from Nanjing to Xuzhou, Jinghu from Beijing to Shanghai and Tongsan from Tongjiang of Heilongjiang Province to Sanya of Hainan Province and the Xinchang Railway from Xinyi of Xuzhou in north to Changxing of Zhejiang Province in south.Huaian Kaixin Fine Chemical Co.Ltd is one of the earlier factories majoring in producing polyether in China.Combining our company's technological and productive capacity with the advanced technology of famous universities and institutes in China, Kaixin chemical grows stronger in fierce market competition.On the basis of producing polyether, we are always developing new productions with high content of technology and high added value.We possess following sets of process units:A set for synthesizing 10000 T/year polyether, products including:Demulsifying agent£¬ defoaming agent, emulsifying agent£¬polyether for soft and rigid foam, high molecular weight and low degree of unsaturation polyether£¨CASE polyether£©£¬F-6 series polyether£¬high activity polyether£¬graft polyether£¬MMC, DMC, duplex metal complex compound catalyst.A set for 500 T/year resin, products including:Styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer£¨SMA£©vand its phenol formaldehyde resin, amino-aldehyde resin.A set for 3000 T/yearyear oilfield chemicals and Oil refining auxiliaries, products including:Foaming agent£¬bulk-proofing agent, detergent paraffin inhibitor,viscosity reducer for crude oil, water treatment agent,Viscosity reducer for disel low temperature fluidity improver£¬gasoline antioxidant£¬oil desulfurization agent£¬crude oil decalcifying agent£¬diesel oil oxidation stability touch£¬antioxidant for gasoline, desulfurizations agent for crude oil, decalcifying agent for crude oil. oxidation stability improver for diesel,slow release agent and so on.

Company' s spirit

Union, innovation, reputation, initiative

Company culture

----Huaian kaixin fine chemical Co.ltd quality policy£º
Quality first, customer first£¬and customer is always right.
----Huaian kaixin fine chemical Co.ltd quality objective£º
First pass rate > 95% , satisfied rate of customers> 96%.
At least 1-2 newer productsper year being developed.

Huaian Kaixin Fine Chemical Co.ltd
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