Huaian Kaixin Fine Chemical, a professional manufactorer of fine chemicals,Locates in Huaian City of jiangsu province, China, where is the hometown the first premier of the new China and the great man of our times.
    Always giving top priority to product quality, Kaixin chemical keeps effective in meeting customer needs.With top first-rate production equipments and a well-trained engineering team,We are able to perform most of the polymerization reactions with almost zero discharge of waste gas, waste water and industrial residueus.All these efforts we do may push our company sustainable development, and keep us in long cooperative relationship with our customers.
    Kaixin chemical possesses not only various experiment equipments and pilot plant, but also advanced management and technology.We are ready for accepting business in developing and processing other kinds of fine chemicals.On the basis of reciprocity, we hope to offer our customers top-quality products with best services and most suitable price.

Huaian Kaixin Fine Chemical
Address5-10-303 Leyuan residential area,Huaian City    Factory address:1# Zhuhai East road qinghe district,Huaian City
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